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“A couple years ago, I came across Lo-fi playlists on YouTube, I was so fascinated by the artworks displayed alongside the music. These artworks transported me to another world. They were diverse in color and theme yet had one thing in common…they were moments of peace & safety.

That kind of artwork really connected with the nature of my own illustrations & the spirit of my art.

As a survivor of domestic abuse with (C)-PTSD, imagination & fantasy were my only escape. I imagine others with similar experiences might agree as well. So, I created paintings that took me to new worlds, beautiful worlds and most importantly…safer worlds.  Whether it’d be a warm shelter on a quiet snowy blue planet, or the idea of swimming with beautiful goldfish in an aquarium inside a cozy bedroom.

I grew up in a very conservative region in the middle east, and an even more restrictive family & school environment where things as innocent as art & music were deemed blasphemous. I spent most of my teen years struggling with my desire to draw, paint and express, indoctrinated with the idea that if I pursue my creative soul, I will surely be damned and the people around me were there to remind me.

It took years of therapy & detachment from an extremist community to start my healing journey, and to finally set free my artistic soul. Finally able to tell the stories I always wanted to. Finally, able to express my passion for art.

I wanted to share these experiences with people. People who might need them. People who would like to see what it’s like to float among the stars.

Perhaps my artwork can help them feel a little cozier…and maybe a little less lost.”

I could write a whole book...maybe I will, someday.



With the launch of her passion project & store Starrylight Arts,  Ryma was able to provide her fan favorite art prints & creations to people over 100+ countries worldwide.

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