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Developed under storyboard artist Fred Gago at Gnomon School of VFX.

Captain Barbosa recalls the days when he was a young lad, fighting for his life in the streets of a Caribbean town. Jack remembers the same time in his life except he didn’t have as hard a time because he had the advantage of an Allstar Fencing uniform...which he stole.

"Kayak Adventure" Storyboards

Midterm Storyboard adjusted.png

Inspired by a personal story during a vacation in Lake Tahoe, California.

Alite: Battle Angel Practice Storyboards (Light vs Dark)

week 2 - Reem Alshatti - Storyboards - light and dark.png

A light vs dark exercise, depicting a scene from the movie Alita: Battle Angel.

Resident Evil: Afterlife Opening Scene Practice Storyboards

week 2 - Reem Alshatti - Storyboards.png

Practice Storyboards for the opening scene of the move Resident Evil: Afterlife

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